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     Ace ! A Marine Night Fighter

Ace ! A Marine Night Fighter Pilot In World War II by Col. R. Bruce Porter with Eric Hammel ; introduction by Pappy Boyington.


Signed by Col. Porter


Price : US$25.00






     Aces Against Japan

By Eric Hammmel.

Signed by Eric Hamel


Here are thrilling accounts of combat by thirty-nine Flying Tiger, U.S. Army Air Forces, U.S. Marine, and U.S. Navy fighter aces who battled Japan over the Pacific and East Asia from Pearl Harbor to the end of the war. These are America's eagles, and the stories are their own, in their very own words.


Price : US$29.95






     Air Combat Masterworks Collection

A new, attractively priced soft-back book of Air Combat Paintings by Robert Taylor showing 60 of his finest images completed in the past quarter century, during which time he has dominated the aviation art genre. Robert's personal narrative describing his paintings and drawings - some not seen in previous volumes - provides a wonderful insight into each work of art, and how his vibrant canvases comes about.


Price : US$35.00






     Aviation Art of R.G. Smith


Price : US$29.95






     Aviation Art Of Robert Taylor I

Reprinted due to popular demand ! Available in softcover or hardcover. Please note that the reprints are in a smaller format.


Price Softcover : US$30.00

Price Hardcover : US$55.00






     Aviation Art Of Robert Taylor II

Reprinted due to popular demand ! Available in softcover or hardcover. Please note that the reprints are in a smaller format.


Price Softcover : US$30.00

Price Hardcover : US$55.00






     Aviation Art Of Robert Taylor IV

Robert Taylor's long awaited Fourth volume of air combat paintings, considered by many to be his finest book of all, features a collection of this remarkable artist's greatest works completed since Volume III was published. Beautifully casebound in cloth with glossy full color dust jacket, this "coffee-table" large format 128 page book contains over 60 full color plates and scores of beautiful pencil drawings, providing a treasure-trove of art for all fascinated by the subject of Aviation.


Robert Taylor invites readers right into his studio, graphically revealing his oil painting techniques and relating the fascinating stories behind his dramatic paintings. Packed full of interest and excitement, this wonderful new volume will give timeless pleasure to the countless thousands who admire the extraordinary talent of this gifted painter.


Price : US$69.00




Workhorse of the Ninth Air Force went on to equip eight bomber forces in the ETO.


Price : US$17.95





     BF 109 Aces of N. Africa & the Mediterranean

Always outnumbered in the Western Desert, the battle-hardened German aces exploited the superior performance of the BF 109 to achieve incredible scores against the allies, and when pushed out of North Africa, they took the fight to the RAF and USAAF from makeshift bases in northern Italy. The experts included such legendary figures as Hans-Joachim Marseille: 158 victories, all but seven in the skies of Africa.


PRICE: US$17.95





     BF 109D/E Aces, 1939-41

Numerically the most abundant fighter of World War II, the Messerschmitt BF 109 formed the backbone of the Jagdwaffe in East and West. In the hands of pilots of the standing of Adolph Galland and Helmut Wick, aerial supremacy over mainland Europe was swiftly established. It was only over the skies of Britain that the early D/E model was found wanting, its effectiveness being blunted through a combination of limited range and superior RAF tactics.


PRICE: US$17.95



     Carrier Clash

Signed by Eric Hamel

The Battle of the Eastern Solomons was history's third carrier clash, a collision of U.S. Navy and Imperial Navy carriers in August 1942, in the wake of the American invasion of Guadalcanal. Based upon the first half of Hammel's Guadalcanal: the Carrier Battles, this compelling battle narrative incorporates important new information from both Japanese and American sources. Carrier Clash unravles many of the mysteries and misconceptions that have veiled this complex but little-known battle for more than a half-century.


Carrier Clash takes the reader into the air with brave U.S. Navy fighter pilots as they defend their ships against incoming Japanese bombers, into the cockpits of U.S. Navy dive-bombers as they dive on the Imperial Navy light carrier Ryujo, and into firey compartments as the crew of the damaged USS Enterprise battles to keep their bomb-battered ship afloat.


Price : US$29.95






     Carrier Strike

By Eric Hamel

Signed by Eric Hamel.

The Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, a strategic naval action in the bitter Guadalcanal Campaign, was history's fourth carrier-versus-varrier naval battle. Though technically a Japanese victory, the battle proved to be the Empire of Japan's last serious attempt to win the Pacific War by means of an all-out carrier confrontation. It was at Coral Sea in May 1942 that Japan's juggernaut across the Pacific was blunted. It was at Midway in June that Japan's great carrier fleet was cut down to manageable size. And it was at Eastern Solomons in August and Santa Cruz in October that Japan's last best carrier air groups were ground to dust. The Imperial Navy's "victory" at Santa Cruz cost Japan her last best hope to win the war in the Pacific.


Carrier Strike takes the reader into the air with brave U.S. Navy fighter pilots as they defend their ships, into the cockpits of U.S. Navy carrier bombers as they dive on Imperial Navy warships, and into firey comparments as the crews of the American carriers fight to keep their bomb- and torpedo-battered ships afloat.


Price : US$29.95






     Corsair Aces of WWII

Over 50 U.S. aces scored kills with the Corsair. The big radial-engined fighter was initially considered to be too powerful for carrier operations, hence most Corsair aces were Marine Corps pilots. Rushed into service as a land-based fighter, the aircraft soon proved to be superior to the Zero in the South Pacific, then went aboard ship to counter the Kamikaze threat. Also detailed are the successes of the U.S. Navy, the Royal Navy and the New Zealanders in the Atlantic and Pacific.


PRICE : US$17.95



     Emblems of the Rising Sun


Price Softcover : US$29.95




Some terrific color photos enhance this great new Osprey series. Try one, I think you will be hooked!


PRICE : US$19.95





     Flying Tiger Joe`s Adventure Story Cookbook by Joe Rosbert

Flying Tiger Joe's Adventure Story Cookbook by C. Joseph Rosbert. An interesting collection of recipes, spiced with tales from Joe's adventures .


Signed by Joe Rosbert.


Price : US$30.00






     Flying Tiger`s Diary


Signed by Charles Bond.


Price Softcover : US$30.00






     Focke-Wulf 190 Aces of the Western Front

The FW 190 was the scourge of the RAF and USAAF from the moment it appeared at Abbeville in August 1941. A nimble, speedy, well-armed adversary, it knocked the Allies for six, particularly at medium to low altitude. Led by Experten of the calibre of Pips Priller, Walter Oesau and Heinz Bar, they flew against overwhelming odds over the Channel coast and then in defense of the Reich.


PRICE : US$17.95





     FW 190 Aces of the Russian Front

Of all the fronts fought on by the Jagdflieger during World War II, the Russian (or Eastern) was easily the most rewarding for the expert. Marry an abundance of targets with the Luftwaffes best piston engined fighter the FW 190 Butcher Bird and it soon becomes apparent why so many passed the 100 victories mark. The FW 190 pilots fought practically to extinction in the pure fighter and Schlacht ground attack roles.


PRICE : US$17.95



     German Fighter Ace Erich Hartmann

The Life Story of the World's Highest Scoring Ace


Commentary by Ursula Hartmann

Introduction by Manfred Jager


Originally published under title "Der Jagdflieger Erich Hartmann" by Motorbuch Verlag

Translated from James C. Cable


Size : 8 1/2" x 11"

Illustrations : over 560 b/w photographs

Hardback : 296 pages


Price : US$39.95






     Green Hearts, First in Combat With the Dora 9

Green Hearts, First in Combat With the Dora 9 (unsigned)


Price : US$85.00



     Hellcat Aces of WWII

A rugged, dependable workhorse of a fighter, the Hellcat embodied the lessons bitterly learned by Wildcat squadrons at Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal. A remarkable design, it achieved an amazing kill-to-loss ratio of 8-1. It was the chosen weapon of over 250 U.S. Navy aces, and was also deployed extensively by the Royal Navy. Despite its lethality in the air, it retained docile handling qualities around the carrier deck. Nearly 5000 kills claimed in the Pacific.


PRICE : US$17.95



     In Love & War

In Love & War

Signed by the Stockdales


Price : US$25.00



     Japanese Army Air Force Aces 1937-45

Very little has been published in English on the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force, let alone its most successful pilots, so this volume focuses on a relatively untouched aspect of World War II. JAAF fighter pilots were very successful at their job, with their top aces accruing scores that doubled the best efforts of the Allies in-theatre, thanks both to their pre-war experiences in China and Manchuria and their excellent aircraft types from Nakajima and Kawasaki.


PRICE : US$17.95



     Korean War Aces

The first virtually all-jet war, the Korean conflict saw F-86 Sabres of the U.S. take on the MiG-15s of the North Korean and Chinese air forces. In all, 39 F-86 pilots would achieve ace status, and in addition to a review of their records, the MiG aces are also profiled; men such as Colonel Yevgeni Pepelyaey, the top ace of the war with 23 victories.


PRICE : US$17.95



     Late Marque Spitfire Aces of WWII

The importance of the Spitfire after the Battle of Britain is often overlooked; but the supercharged Merlin variants of the Mk IX which saw action in North Africa and Italy, over the D-Day beaches and in the Far East produced some of the most famous aces of the war: Johnson, Duke, Brothers and Closterman. Written by Dr. Alfred Price, the worlds leading authority on the Spitfire, the text reveals first hand the pilots own secrets for survival in combat.


PRICE : US$17.95





     Lightning Aces of the Pacific & CBI 1939-45

The Cadillac of USAAF fighters in World War II, the Lightning was a highly innovative design produced by Lockheed of Burbank, California, in response to a challenging requirement for a long-range, high-speed and high-altitude fighter to escort the AAFs rapidly expanding B-17 bomber fleet. This volume deals with the aces of the latter theatre of war who used the P-38 to accrue some of the highest scores achieved by any Allied fighter pilots in World War II. Pilots like Dick Bong (40 kills) and Tom McGuire (38 kills) led the kill listings for over 50 pilots who made ace while serving with the Fifth and Thirteenth Air Forces.


PRICE : US$17.95





     Luftwaffe Emblems 1939-1945


Price Softcover : US$24.95




The story of the legendary all-wooden twin-engined fighter-bomber that was used with such devastating effect in WWII.


PRICE : US$17.95





     Mustang Ace - Memoirs Of A P-51 Fighter Pilot by Robert Goebel

Mustang Ace - Memoirs Of A P-51 Fighter Pilot by Robert J. Goebel (introductory price)

Signed by Robert J. Goebel


Price : US$30.00






     Mustang Aces of the 9th & 15th Air Forces & the RAF

The UK based 9th Air Force and the 15th Air Force in the Mediterranean produced nearly 100 aces on Mustangs. Although best remembered for its exploits with the Mighty Eighth, the RAF was in fact the first Allied air force to put the Mustang into service and produced seven aces on the type, Polish squadrons proving particularly successful. The aces of the 354th, 31st and 52nd Fighter Groups deserve this tribute.


PRICE : US$17.95



     P-51 Mustang Aces of the 8th Air Force

Unquestionably the best American fighter of World War II and some experts have argued the best fighter of the entire conflict the P-51 Mustang served with the Eighth Air Forces from late 1943 until VE Day. It was the realization that mating the Rolls Royce Merlin 61 engine to the Mustang allowed it to escort bombers to the furthest point in Germany, that transformed the aircraft from a tactical recon type for the RAF into a war winner.


PRICE : US$17.95



     Spitfire MK I/II Aces 1939-41

The RAFs first aces of World War II achieved impressive scores in the early mark Spitfires against the all-conquering Luftwaffe during the Battles of France and Britain, despite the aircrafts light armament, short range and overheating engines! The mighty Spit was not born fully fledged as the perfect fighter, but those early marks, flown by such notable pilots as Malan, Fock and Bader, and leading NCO Ace George Unwin, helped to stem the tide of German victory in the bitter early years of the war.


PRICE : US$17.95



     Tale of a Tiger

Tale of a Tiger; hardcover

Signed by R.T. Smith


Price : US$60.00






     The Day Fighters

By : Werner Held

Size : 7 3/4" x 10 1/2"

Hardback : 224 pages


Price : US$29.95






     The Day I Owned the Sky

The Day I Owned the Sky

Hardcover : signed by Robert Lee Scott, Tex Hill and Ed Rector


Price : US$50.00






     The First Hellcat Ace

The First Hellcat Ace

by Cdr Hamilton McWhorter III with Jay A. Stout

Hardcover : signed by McWhorter III


Though he would object to being called such, Hamilton McWhorter III's service to family and country make him a standout among America's Greatest Generation. A Georgia native whose family roots date from that region's settlement during the 1700s, Mac McWhorter was a naval aviation cadet undergoing training when Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941.


After earning his Wings of Gold in early 1942, Ensign McWhorter was trained as a fighter pilot in the robust but technologically outmoded F4F Wildcat. Initially assigned to VF-9--a fiercely spirited and hard-playing fighter squadron--he saw first combat in November 1942 against Vichy French forces in North Africa.


Upon its return to the United States, VF-9 became the first unit to convert to the new Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter--the fighter the U.S. Navy would use to crush Japanese air power during the long offensive from the Southwest Pacific to the shores of Japan.


From mid 1943, Hamilton McWhorter was constantly engaged in the unforgiving and deadly aerial warfare that characterized the battles against Imperial Japan. His fifth aerial victory, in November 1943 off Tarawa Atoll, made him the first ace in the Hellcat, and seven subsequent victories ensured his place in the annals of air-to-air combat. "One Slug" McWhorter's combat service, from the beginning of the war to the last campaign off the shores of Okinawa, makes his story a must-read for the serious student of the Pacific air war.


Signed by Hamilton McWhorter


Price : US$30.00






     The Glory of Flight : Aviation Art of William S. Phillips


Price : US$55.00






     The Men Who Flew The Memphis Belle

Autobiography of Col. Robert Morgan, with Ron Powers a Pulitzer Prize/Emmy Award writer who also wrote Flags of Our Fathers, a NY Times Best Seller Book, about the men who raised the flag on Iwo Jima.


Price : US$30.00






     The Night Fighters

By : Werner Held and Holger Nauroth

Size : 7 3/4" x 10 1/2"

Hardback : 232 pages


Price : US$29.95






     To Fly & Flight : Memoirs Of A Triple Ace by Col. "Bud" Anderson

To Fly & Flight: Memoirs Of A Triple Ace by Col. "Bud" Anderson with Joseph P. Hamelin (introductory price).

Signed by Col. "Bud" Anderson.


Price : US$35.00




     Wildcat Aces of WWII

The F4F Wildcat was thrown into the fray against the all-conquering Zero at Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal, and the ugly little piston-engined fighter emerged victorious. The handful of Navy and Marine Corps Wildcat units took on huge numbers of fighters and bombers, and on the European front, the Royal Navys Fleet Air Arm flew the Grumman from carriers protecting the Atlantic convoys. By VJ-Day, the U.S. units flying Wildcats had 5145 kills


PRICE : US$17.95





     WWII Air War - The Men, The Machines, The Missions

WWII Air War  - The Men, The Machines, The Missions.


Price Hardcover : US$24.95




A unique pictorial record of flying prototypes, their designers and their pilots. A new series from Osprey called Aviation Pioneers.


PRICE : US$18.95




     Youngest Crew

Youngest Crew (signed, soft cover)


Price : US$25.00